Medical Sales RecruitingIt should be no surprise that the biotech industry along with technology giants like IBM have been doing their best to bring about change and advancement in the scientific world, heightening the need for medical sales recruiting like never before. Currently, the medical industry is looking to cure or at least neutralize many of the viruses and illnesses that we take for granted as the price of existence in today’s world. Let’s take for example the various outbreaks and pandemics that we’ve seen as of late, Ebola an Zika being the two most common. Bacteria are small – so small in fact that they cannot cause a damage to the human body on their own.

When they are allowed to replicate within the body, however, this is where things become complicated. IBM recently announced that it identified a micromodule, designed by bioengineers, and potentially with the ability to cripple viruses and force them to stop becoming resistant to drugs. This will provide a significant boon to the biotech industry and pus the sale of existind drugs. This molecule was in fact developed in conjunction with the Singapore Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, a partnership formed about twelve years ago.

 “All the technology we develop for semiconductors is directly transportable into medicine,”. “How we make polymers, how we nano-construct materials—it is a perfect entryway.” IBM and IBN have been working together on several pursuits, including drug delivery, gene delivery and infectious disease control.” — James Hedrick, lead researcher for advanced organic materials at IBM Research in San Jose, CA

The micromodule developed by IBP uses three methods of fighting off viruses, the first being electrostatic bonds which lock onto said virus and keep it from infecting healthy cells – this means a lack of replication, and helping to contribute to the death of the bacteria. The second neutralizes virus acidity levels, which eliminates the replication altogether. Finally, the virus will be using a sugar called mannose, binding to the cells in the immune system and having them specifically target the virus. In laboratory tests, this solution was highly effective against several viruses including dengue, herpes simplex, and Ebola.

What this Means for the Future of Medical Sales Recruiting

The industries of both science and medical are constantly expanding and the introduction of this new solution will push sales harder than ever before. While there is a possibility that the Zika virus and others like it will become a thing of the past, new illnesses will take their place and it will become more vital than ever before to ensure that your sales agents and professionals are well versed in the latest technologies.

Bottom line: you need to trust us to find the right people for you in a changing world. Use our resources, and let us tap into more than 200 different agencies to ensure you get the employees you need to bring your company to the next level. You have the product, we have the experience – it’s time to combine them.