As far as technology and sales recruiting are concerned we are sitting in rather interesting times, especially where telecom is concerned. Here in the opening act of the 21st century we have finally begun to truly make the move from analogue to digital and that’s going to mean an extra push for sales in various sectors. To really drive the point home we’re going to start by talking about telecom and how these changes have rocked every industry to its core.

The Increasing Role of Sales Recruiting in Telecom

Why is telecom so important? You already know the answer, but let is re-iterate. For the last century telecom has been widely analogue even though there have been a wide range of digital products available, the general reason given for this being ‘tradition’. That is one way to put it, but we would rather state that it has been an unwillingness to switch to a new system either due to expense or the threat of downtime. Though VoIP in telecom offers better security and stability, it can take a lot to convince a business to tear out their phone lines and train everyone on the use of a new system, and this is where proper sales recruiter comes into the picture. You need a professional that not only knows the technology, but one that can relate to the customer and on that can seamlessly lay out the benefits to the company in question.

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The Area of IT Security

Security is another area of the IT industry that is constantly changing and evolving. As a major player in the Information Technology Security industry you know that having the best tech and the best solutions doesn’t always equate to having the best sales. There are plenty of companies out there have subpar products and are pushing them with relative ease due to having some of the best sales professionals on their team. If you want to get into the game and stay on top, you’re going to need to utilize the best sales recruiting firms and the best tactics to ensure that you don’t become a footnote in IT history.

What We Can Do for You

Your sales force needs a relatable and knowledgeable face, there is simply no way around it. When you’re looking for candidates knowledgeable in the IT industry, whether it’s SAAS, ERT, Financial software, telecom, or even OEM products, sometimes launching your own search isn’t the most profitable way about it. Sometimes, the expert you need isn’t one that is actually looking for a job – sometimes we have to go out and find them for you, and that’s exactly what we’ll do.

When we say we’ll find the best candidates we’re talking about those who have the potential for amazing job stability, the top 10% in their sales force, and the one who can get the job done – this job and many others in the future.

Our process is anything but simple; we work through an extensive database of contacts that help us to reach out and find the right candidate for your position. By networking with other sales firms, we cast a wide net capable of finding that one single candidate that can make a world of different for your company – it’s a great way to leverage our experience as a sales recruitment agency and push the products you need to sell in a world that seems over-saturated with them.

Sales Recruiting

Some of the areas we specialize in include:

  • IT/Telecom
  • Network Security Software
  • SAAS
  • Business Intelligence
  • ERT
  • Financial Software
  • SAP
  • Outsourcing (CFO’s, CIO’s, Channels)
  • OEM

We know that in any industry, especially IT, it’s not just about building the product or even pushing the sale; it’s about finding the right sales person, the one that can take your idea and make it sound absolutely incredible. We’re ready to help you find the sales person that will get your products from concept to profit.