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USI - Unlimited Sources Inc

USI – Unlimited Sources Inc

USI is a dynamic recruitment agency and all of our recruiters have a strong sales background prior to becoming employment search consultants. When a business client has a position to fill we leap into action and headhunt the “old-fashioned” way. We identify potential candidates that are currently employed in the same industry and selling to similar companies. At USI we use screening techniques that help us to identify the most appropriate candidate for a specific open position. We find candidates that will create an immediate impact for USI’s business clients.

In addition to working with our internal database of contacts our recruiters network with other sales and management personnel firms. USI is one of the original founders of First Interview, a networking organization that consists of 300 sales recruitment agencies. Our clients can take advantage of a multitude of Employment Agencies working on job assignments utilizing USI as their point of contact. If your company has a single or multiple needs, we can spearhead your searches identifying top candidates throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia utilizing hundreds of search firms.