The corporate world always tends to keep it interesting, but recently the Bayer-Monsanto mergers has many in the pharmaceutical industry scratching their heads. It’s not a monopoly by any means (or by the definition of the word), but it definitely shows two giants of the industry poised to become a major superpower. Right now, German’s Bayer has laid a $66 billion dollar deal on the table in front of Monsanto, making the third time it has raised the offer. This time the offer was not rejected, and it seems as though this is going forward.

Medical Sales RecruitingOne is certain: this merger is definitely going to call for more jobs in medical sales recruiting. For those who aren’t certain what this merger would mean, it would essentially create a massive, worldwide conglomerate that would encompass a wide array of products including health, pesticide, and of course the pharmaceuticals that Bayer has been known for. If you don’t know by now, Bayer invented aspirin the late 1800’s, and it has continued to be a staple of every home first aid kit over the last century.

The deal with Monsanto was closed at $128 per MON share with Bayer actually taking on around $10 billion in Monsanto’s current debt. So what has to happen now? When can we start celebrating a victory for these two companies along with every medical sales recruiter in the industry? The biggest problem is going to be getting this merger past the regulators in about thirty different countries.

Now, if the regulators do put a stop to the merger, Bayer has placed $2 billion on the table for Monsanto for their trouble. In the event, this merger does go through, Bayer-Monsanto will be able to play a role in completely reshaping both the agribusiness and chemical sector. In the end, this is going to be a win-win situation for many different industries.

Where Medical Sales Recruiting Comes into the Picture

medical sales recruiterWith a merger like this comes brand new products and a need to push sales. You’re going to need highly experienced salespeople, and trying to find them, well, that’s always going to be difficult. We’ve said it before, and we’re going to say it again: the best salespeople in the industry aren’t searching for jobs, they’re waiting for you to come to them. They know they’re the best, they’ll deliver the best, and they’ll last for many years in your organization.

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