“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” ~ Ralph Marston

Information for USI Clients

USI - Unlimited Sources Inc Houston TX (713) 621-4629

USI – Unlimited Sources Inc Houston TX (713) 621-4629

The Challenge

Placing sales, executive, industrial or other talent requires an understanding of not only the technical aspects of the position, but also the understanding of the personalities involved both with the client and the candidate. USI recruiters have to meet a stringent hiring test to be able to match the candidate within the confines of the culture of the organization. Our recruiters have both experience and great references. Most of our recruiters have a background in the industry they are recruiting from or to. But perhaps most important is that USI strives to deliver the the top echelon of candidates that are considered the top performing 10% in their peer groups.

Regardless of the industry, USI provides a salary survey for our clients. USI will negotiate with the potential employee compensation, expenses, benefits and other issues that affect the hire.

Risk Removal

USI has a liberal Contingent Search Guarantee Policy that removes risk from the business client and is amendable for the client. This policy states that any hired candidate must stay on the new job more than 90 days or USI will replace him or her at no cost. Even though USI does not guarantee performance, we consider that it takes time to determine the success of the hire.

The Solution

USI does the work – a quality “matchmaking” service at little or no risk to the business client. Our work saves the business client time and effort. USI has over 40 years experience in the employment and recruitment industry and we stay within the industries where we have experience. In addition, we are part of a national network of personnel and sales recruiting agencies that can broaden our reach to a global level. And we spend considerable time checking references of the candidates we choose to work with.

Consulting Services

USI also offers consulting services to its business clients. We offer education and coaching for their internal recruiting staffs. Our efforts also include coaching business clients what to offer potential employees in terms of compensation and benefits. We can help with salary surveys and determine if a business client is competitive with his job salary offer.