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Everyone knows that there are many parts that make up a working and functional, but one of the biggest parts is the information technology department. There is little doubt that information technology such as Oracle and SAP’s suite of programs have great influence on every single industry and there is also no doubt that this software is now so embedded in the business world that we simply could not operate without it. For that reason, it is critical for your company to utilize proper sales recruiting and ensure that you have the best of the best pushing your company’s software.

2017 Brings Sales Recruiting to a New Level

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The new year, 2017 is right around the corner, and it’s bringing with it a brand new push for sales recruiting. Technology and information technology in particular is going to receive a serious boon as new software is developed from efficiency to security. For example, very recently Abakus was absorbed by SAP , with the software now being folded into SAP’s Hybris Marketing Cloud. This is a platform that includes the Hybris ecommerce platform along with the HANA analytics platform. Together these make an incredible impact on the industry but also bring a new version of SAP’s software to the table, which, once again, calls for a new type of sales push.

SAP previously hadn’t been a major player when it came to paid media, but with this new integration, everything is about to change. There are several new solutions coming to the market including a DSP/DMP solution named SAP Exchange Media. It’s hard to tell what the future will hold, but a company like SAP can change the industry entirely on a whim if it wishes.

Use Our Services to Get the Sales you Need

There are obviously going to be some significant difficulties finding the right sales director recruitment agencies to bring you to the next level but it doesn’t have to be impossible. We already know where SAP is headed for 2017 but what about you? Are you going to keep up? Using the right recruitment agencies for sales jobs, like us, will get you precisely what you’re looking for, and as you probably already know, some of the best and most experienced sales people out there aren’t necessarily looking for jobs; they’re waiting for you to come to them, and we have the resources to find what you need. As one of the top sales recruiting firms in the country we’re going to find what you need, and we’re going to make sure that you have a great employee, or several employees for the long run.